Andrea Adjei“Andrea Adjei is the founder and the heart and soul of Comfort & Joy.

She is an artist with MA in printmaking from The Slade School of Fine Art and a formidable body of work in her portfolio. But long before she reached for the paintbrushes, she had already been introduced to pots and pans.

Andrea’s roots are in Ghana and as she was growing up, her London home was always filled with exciting aromas of freshly prepared food. Her mother, Comfort, was a chef and very early on she instilled in Andrea the importance of fresh ingredients and home cooked meals.

Nourishing, comforting food inspired by mother Comfort has been at the heart of Andrea’s cooking for over 10 years now.

She uses her natural creativity to blend unexpected flavours and compose a dish as if she worked on a canvas. And most importantly she loves doing it!”

Dr Thom Spears


Comfort and Joy (Timeout)

Please note that the prices have changed since this review was written.

imageAndrea Adjei (pictured) has a professional kitchen from which she caters dinners and other private parties, often delivering cold food for customers to heat up themselves. Dishes range from classic to international.Comfort and Joy (07916 262 576).

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